Saturday, August 1, 2009

Marching and some ladies

So, I know we ostensibly don't march, right? But before my inner scatter-band badass was freed by the YPMB, I spent four years of my life in the depths of roll-step mark-time horn-swing hell, reined over by a merciless tyrant of questionable senility. And though I wear my YPMB schwee with the same pride that a recovering alcoholic puts into their AA badge, these things don't just leave you unscarred.

So I was participating in the Hakodate Harbor Festival, in a semi-historical costume parade. My part of the parade was sandwiched between not one, but TWO marching bands. They were playing JP Sousa. Stars and Stripes Forever. It was Amerika-tastic! Except they were marching with French Horns. Everyone knows you just don't do that. I missed my mellas.

But then the thing is, I couldn't not march in step. Samurais don't roll-step, but I still marked time every time we stopped. It was bad.

Can you spot the foreigners?

Also, please note that following the parade, having consumed two cups of legal drinking age beer I proceeded to acquire three girls. Subtract one from both sides of the equation and we have ourselves a winning combination.

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