Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm famous!!!

...well...not really. So my host brother, Yoshihisa, age 24, in addition to being really badass and being able to speak English (THANK GOD), is a DJ. Last night while I was diligently doing homework (no, really) he came to my room and asked if I could spare a moment. Seems he and his buddy are working on a new remix and they thought it would be cool to have a real English speaking person read a few lines as an introduction. I think you can see where this is going...

つまり, in a few days/weeks/don't know how long it'll take for edits, if you happen to be clubbing around the wonderfully exciting town of Hakodate, Japan, you can listen to yours truly introduce Yoshihisa & friend's reggae mix with the following lines of epic English (with special audio effects and a trance Europop-esque echo added too!):

"Hi! We are O. D. D., Out of Dance Hall. Original ragga session. This style is the one and only. We are the future. Listen and knock yourselves out. Let's break it down!"


Yoshihisa's in the top left with the dreadlocks (although he doesn't have them anymore). Also, I'm not sure why he's OBT here and O.D.D. elsewhere...Meh.

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